Slay the Social Media Dragon & Eliminate Blank Page Misery

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So Who Is Behind This and Why Should You Care?

Hi, I’m Monika Mundell (Nika), Copywriter, Communication Strategist & Location Independent Freedom Preneur

If there were a science for FREEDOM, I’d be that mad scientist who would tinker with digits and formulas to discover the Nobel Prize worthy freedom formula. But even so, I’m still crazy as batshit in love with freedom.

Freedom from a CUBICLE.

Freedom from the GRID.

Freedom from SOCIETY’S expectations on how we should live our lives.



My mission is to help tired, busy and overwhelmed biz women get crystal clear about their next action steps so that they can focus with more ease to quickly boost momentum and explode sales… and experience first hand what it feels like to have freedom.

I’m all about LEVERAGE. If there’s an easier way to do something, I’ll eventually find it. I’m always looking to simplify my business processes and tasks so that I can work even less and play more. I’ll never settle for shattered dreams and collapsed businesses if someone isn’t willing to play bigger and give it their all. Neither should you!

My guess is that you want to enjoy life’s simple luxuries, like snuggles with your little ones, a lazy lunch with a friend, yoga classes every Tuesday night, impromptu Netflix binges with your favourite snacks or all-inclusive trips to a destination of your choice. 

I’m here to tell you that you CAN! And to help you get started, I’m gifting you this incredible resource for zero dollars, with enough social media updates for the next month! 



Finally You Can Do Social With Soul, Without Frustration & Guilt-Fuelled 10PM Chocolate Binges

This is for you if you’re like…

  • “Oh shit, I haven’t posted a Facebook status update all week. Damn… if only I knew what to post!”

  • “No one ever comments on my updates. Why should I even bother!”

  • “Social media stresses me out. I don’t think this is for me.!

  • “I have no clue. No list. No connection.”

Why you should listen to me…

Monika’s guidance has taken me from a monthly money struggle to a place where I confidently and consistently hit my income targets and have the determination to reach for the next big goal.

Where I previously had vague ideas and half-hearted ambitions I now have a website full of kick-ass copy and absolutely no hesitation in finding and serving a growing list of ideal clients (not to mention helping me reach International Best-Selling status as a co-author and editor!)

Assisi Chant

Word Whisperer, Writer & Editor

Just three months after joining Nika’s amazing community I’ve launched a retreat that has been a long time in the making, and have had an excellent response to this.

Monika is an amazing motivator, who adds so much fun to the side of your business that can often be a bore. She not only inspires fantastic ideas, she really helps with the nitty gritty of HOW to make those ideas work. That’s often where we get stuck and put our projects on the back burner.

Belinda McDonald

Sacred Soul Alchemist, Healer, Writer, Chanel & Mentor

Not only has your copywriting significantly contributed to the recent growth in my online sales, it has also added tremendous value to the experiences my prospects have with my brand.

With 13 years of copywriting experience under my belt, my most successful landing page conversions sat at 8%. You have more than doubled my previous results, consistently converting over 18.85% of all traffic, which translated into over $92K in sales in just 30 days!

Amber McLean

Business Coach & Mentor, Founder of the Ambodhi Alliance

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Miss Out on this Swipe-n-Go Social With Soul Collection!

REASON #1: The Swipe-n-Go Social With Soul Collection has been proven to work to create super fast engagement with soulful women who want more than a linky update that shoves salesy content down their throats. You can literally swipe these high quality done-for you posts, hit publish and watch as people start to engage with you.

REASON #2: Each of the 50 updates are link + promo free, meaning there are no hyperlinks to other people’s blog posts or articles (as is commonly offered in low-quality free social media collections). You’ll get mind-blowing, conversation stimulating content, for free.

REASON #3: The collection features a healthy mixture of conversation starters, mindset, business + health & body posts. Each post is perfectly suited for women who care about creating hyper engagement with their tribe. And you get all of this without having to spend hours each day trying to come up with something worthy to say.

REASON #4: With this free Swipe-n-Go Collection you can save time, frustration and embarrassment, and do social with soul. I’ll show you exactly what to do after you’ve downloaded these high quality, no-brainer updates to your computer and how you can schedule them with free software for the next month, in as little as one hour!

REASON #5: I’ve been writing cash-pulling copy for clients since 2007 and have coached women to quickly leverage their business. Which means that what I write sells.

Steal & Seal This: My Tried and Tested Collection of Swipe-n-Go Updates for Doing Social With Soul

If you’ve been struggling to do social media well and are still battling with overwhelm, this is for you. Stop wasting time and effort while your competitors get away with more sales than they can handle. The truth is: your people ARE on social media and if you don’t show up to engage them, somebody else will. Snooze and you’ll lose.