Banish Social Media Blues! Blaze Your Way Into the Hearts and Wallets of Your People!

… with a revolutionary collection of done-for-you social media posts that stick and create hyper engagement, for busy women who want to master social media with ease!


you can stop being the world’s most best kept secret and overlooked expert


start turning your social activities into sexy cash, consistently


having to be sleazy or pitching your stuff in dozens of Facebook groups or begging your business besties to refer you all of their clients


social media gives you sweaty palms and makes you want to punch someone because it’s just so frustrating to master!

You Know What Feels Soooo Good? Hassle-Free Social Engagement! That’s what I’m offering you.

How would it feel like to have…?

  • A year’s worth of high quality, done-for-you social content, ready to be scheduled and posted at the push of a button.
  • An idiot-proof mini system that will show you exactly how to schedule your updates in between feeding the baby, sorting laundry and hustling for rock star clients.
  • Quick resistance busting strategies that actually work to turn you from social mediaphobe into a social super star.

Would it feel as if you’re the f*cking queen of your social world?


Would it feel like a “HELL YEAH! Gimme that recipe now?

If social media makes you want to vomit… You don’t just want this, you NEED this!

Because right now…


You’re spinning your wheels, frantically trying to dodge the shiny objects that get stuck in your social feed all day long. Every minute of every day you’re getting bombarded with pitches, requests and other people’s offers.

Enough to drive any sane person to the brink of insanity!

You feel exhausted. Overwhelmed. Resistant.

And still, every time you log in Facebook you get sucked into the slipstream of what everyone else is doing. Meanwhile, your ideas and half finished projects end up forgotten and eaten by digital dust mites.

You lay awake night after night, blaming yourself for what you should have done, for letting yourself get distracted, for… whatever excuse you can think of. And the SADDEST PART? You’re hiding.

Instead of being out there making profitable and soulfull connections, you’re bawling your eyes out while pigging out on Ben & Jerry’s caramel chew-chew ice cream.

Instead of engaging your tribe and swooning them with your sparkling persona, you’re drowning in self blame.

Flick Your Middle Finger at Social Exhaustion & Overwhelm!

This is for you if you:

  • Want to turn followers + fans into customers… so that your social media marketing efforts and time pay off faster.
  • Crave to inject personality into your content… so that people will recognise you as a leader worth following.
  • Desire to stand apart from the slew of dishonest people online… so that your content stands out as a quality resource that people want.
  • Aspire to be seen as the go-to trustworthy expert in your niche… so that you can build your list faster and with more ease.
  • Itch for smarter time and productivity management… so that you can get 100% results with 10% effort.

Waaaaait a minute… what the heck is Social With Soul?

Social With Soul is a high quality done-for-you social media collection of 500 status updates. You get enough social content that will create hyper engagement for one year.

It has been created for busy, super smart women entrepreneurs who are sick and tired spinning their wheels trying to come up with something worthwhile to say to make people pay attention. Social With Soul is perfect for soulful women who are too busy to think about what to post and when, but who don’t want to lower the quality of their conversations.

6 You-Can’t-Afford-to-Ignore Reasons Why You Should Utilise Social Media Now!

REASON #1: Social media is amongst the top five B2B content marketing tactics for business owners (93%). Meaning, your potential clients are out there on social right now!

REASON #2: 81%+ of marketers found that increased traffic occurred with as little as 6 hours per week invested in social media marketing.

REASON #3: Of the 7.2 billion people on earth, 3 billion have Internet access; 2.1 billion are active on social media; and 1.7 billion use social networks from a mobile device.

REASON #4: The number of worldwide social media users is expected to reach 2.5 billion by 2018.

REASON #5: 87% of B2B marketers surveyed by Forrester say they struggle to produce content that truly engages their buyers.

REASON #6: Mothers with children under the age of five are the most active on social media.

What You Don’t Know About Social Media is Affecting Your Reputation & Profits!

Social media gurus keep telling you that you need to put yourself out there—consistently—and that this is a non-negotiable tactic if you want to create engagement. What they DON’T tell you is that your social media profiles are your online real estate… and if you want to grab the attention of your dream clients you need stellar CURB APPEAL!

What potential customers see (or don’t see) determines how they PERCEIVE you as a business brand.

And frankly, they’ll shop elsewhere if your curb appeal sucks! Can’t really blame them either!

Social With Soul Isn’t a Shameless Collection of Link-Bait Updates!

You know the type:

The social media collections that are poorly written and are flooded with crappy links to crappy websites that have long ceased to exist.

Or the rehashed crap that is floating around everywhere online.

Or the collections that have been downloaded tens of thousands of times!

This  STRICTLY LIMITED done-for-you collection lets you do social with soul, without fear of sounding like everyone else, because you’ll be the lucky owner of one of ONLY 300 licenses worldwide.

O.M.G! I love your 500 Social with Soul product. I am getting a lot of action from my followers who usually remain silent. While not all entries/categories apply to me, they certainly get me to tap into my creative mind and tailor the swipe and paste entries to my business.

But your Content Curation Method takes the cake. Fab, Fab Fabulous! It will save me so much time once I get myself organized. I love the idea of recycling my content because I often get numb when it’s time to create. Plus it’s SO simple too with your easy to understand video and template. You’re the best!

Mary Powers

Psychic Medium, Healer and Relationship Coach

Social With Soul is a crazy value product! Love the video and the excel sheets. Brilliant information.

I know that Social With Soul will save anyone who buys hours of time, with a no-brainer return on invest. The video is easy to follow and guides you step by step. This product is very much worth investigating and purchasing – it saves you time, is easy to use and packed full of value.

Trish Springsteen Trischel

Multi International Award Winning Public Speaker, Mentor, Coach & Author

I am so glad that I invested in your Social with Soul Done for you Social Media Updates. I think you’re crazy to offer so much value for this price point. You’re saving me so much time planning, thinking, writing, designing social media updates.

In a matter of one morning I scheduled in your suggested updates and I’m covered for the next two months in advance. As somebody who is a lot into productivity and working smart this is such a time saver and no-brainer investment!

Ray Balko

Productivity & Online Business Strategist

No-Brainer Reasons to Trust Me

Hi, I’m Monika Mundell (Nika), a Copywriter & Communication Strategist. I help women entrepreneurs create irresistible impactwith clear, congruent & captivating communication!

I’m a free spirit who lives and breathes travel + location independence! And I’m infatuated with the psychology of sales (aka why people buy from you).

I have 12+ years of experience as a communication + marketing virtuoso — and have led life-changing writing workshops for female entrepreneurs in Australia, Canada, and the US.

  • My client Amber made over $92K in less than 30 days.
  • Julie made $40K just 2 months after attending my writing workshop.
  • Amanda made $12K in profits in 90 days with my mini sales funnel, with a brand new business idea of hers.
  • My clients Andrew & Daryl made hundreds of thousands of dollars with the help of my copy.
  • Sally & Derek made $40K in a weekend, scored national media attention and sold out their program in a highly competitive niche. The copy I wrote for them converted like crazy.
  • My SEO copywriting and communication skills have helped Fred achieve 96% traffic growth in a highly competitive niche (finance), score consistent national media attention and become a regular contributor for an industry leading rating body.

getsocialwithsoul1ONLY 300 Social With Soul collections are up for grabs.

With millions of people on social media, this is but a drop in the ocean.

This really is a no-brainer offer that doesn’t require much thought or hesitation.

Plus you will save at least 33 hours of your precious time in not having to produce 500 updates from scratch. (And I’m being conservative.)

You’ll walk away with share worthy content that creates hyper engagement. Oh yeah baby!

Save Hassles, Time and Energy and Enjoy Meaningful Connections and Hyper Engagement!

You can swipe and steal my entire collection of social updates, created with heart and soul for women like you. I’ll show you how to schedule your amazing content for the entire year in the blink of 86400 seconds (that’s just 1 day). OR you can spend 60-90 minutes each month to schedule your updates and enjoy a hassle-free way of doing social with soul. That’s what I do. 

Minutes from now you could be experiencing…


The RUSH of… everything you’ll possibly need to turn social exhaustion into social invigoration and… domination.

  • Get peace of mind — your social marketing has just gotten a whole lot easier.
  • Feel invigorated — connect with your audience, without the typical push-and-shove struggles.
  • Dominate your social platform of choice — with consistent content that delights your tribe.
  • Become an authority — consistency creates momentum, momentum creates hyper engagement.

Get ready to create hyper engagement:


  • Get my swipe file of free resources to simplify your social life.
  • Get 500 done-for-you social media updates that range over a seven popular business topics, suitable for coaches, speakers, freelancers, work from home mamas and soulful, heart-centred entrepreneurs who want to save time and hassles in doing social with soul. You get 400 written (link-free, promo free updates) + 100 beautiful quote images that will turn people into click-trigger happy fans of you!
  • Access a watch-over-my-shoulder screenshot tutorial, to show you exactly what I do to schedule my updates, without wasting time I don’t have. I’m pretty sure you don’t have time to waste either!




Looking For a Bonus? Enjoy Pee-in-Your-Pants Excitement as You Watch My Super Sneaky Content Curation Method™. Girl… THIS is a Game Changer!

It’s time to banish your struggles and transform frustration into celebration with the help of my Content Curation Method™ (valued at $47)! If you want to curate your best content with ease, this sneaky 45-minute masterclass will show you exactly how.

Especially if you:

  • Battle with social media overwhelm, despite the effort and time you put in.
  • Struggle to have the reach you need to sell out, consistently.
  • Suffer from serious content shame, because your content is a hotch-podge of stuff, instead of carefully curated updates that will give you killer results.

SNATCH ONE OF THE 300 STRICTLY LIMITED LICENSES! Time’s ticking… if you snooze you lose!

Monika’s guidance has taken me from a monthly money struggle to a place where I confidently and consistently hit my income targets and have the determination to reach for the next big goal.

Where I previously had vague ideas and half-hearted ambitions I now have a website full of kick-ass copy and absolutely no hesitation in finding and serving a growing list of ideal clients (not to mention helping me reach International Best-Selling status as a co-author and editor!)  Monika’s ability to tap into exactly where I’m at and provide me with a range of clear, structured action steps has been invaluable and has been the catalyst for much greatness.

Assisi Chant

Word Whisperer, Editor

I love Monika’s energy, enthusiasm and sparkle. I needed support to get my projects moving and perhaps accountability to move me forward. I also knew that Monika’s special talents for holding a clear, creative space would be of immense benefit.

I’ve been part of this amazing community for just three months and already launched a retreat that has been a long time in the making, and have had an excellent response to this.

Monika is an amazing motivator, who adds so much fun to the side of your business that can often be a bore. She not only inspires fantastic ideas, she really helps with the nitty gritty of HOW to make those ideas work. That’s often where we get stuck and put our projects on the back burner.

Belinda McDonald

Sacred Soul Alchemist, Healer, Writer, Channel & Mentor

Monika is hands down one of the hottest professionals in the copywriting industry right now. She possesses a killer combination of speed, skills and intelligence. Her copy is engaging, creative and compelling.

More importantly, Monika’s copy gets prospects and buyers to move. I’m a big fan of her work.

And if you’re looking for a reliable, punctual and friendly copywriter who gets you results, then Monika is your gal.

Mal Emery

Australia’s Millionaire Maker



Yes! Social With Soul (SWS) has been created for busy, savvy women entrepreneurs who want to stop stressing about social media and just get it done in super fast time, without neglecting the quality of the conversation. SWS gives you crazy bang for your buck, with enough quality content to keep your social feed busy for an entire year that create hyper engagement and take you from social mediaphobe to social super star in no time.


I’m glad you asked. I’m selling a total of 300 SWS collections worldwide. That’s it! Once the first batch is sold out, this sales page will disappear.

With millions of people on social media, 300 is like a drop in a bucket of water, but as essential to your social survival as the water you’ll find in the desert!



No girl, you won’t! At $67, this investment is a steal. You get a year’s worth of updates! Seriously! If you’re thinking of a refund already you should definitely not invest in this product because you’re probably just looking for another shiny excuse not to grow your business and make money.



It takes on average about 15 minutes minimum, to create 1 image of the kind you’ll receive in this collection. You’re going to get 100 of them! Each image has been carefully sourced and designed to make it shareworthy. So 100 x 15 minutes of time saved… you do the math!

It takes me (a gifted copywriter) about 3-10 minutes to write each update. You’ll get 400 of them. Again, the time you save in writing alone makes this a crazy low investment! This means I can produce about 20 updates an hour—on a GOOD day!

On a bad day it’s more like 6-8. You’ll save a minimum of 33 hours in writing time. This doesn’t include strategy, thinking and ideas generation.


Ah… you’re a super smart one. I love that. The answer is NO. The free 50 are different in content from the paid 500. You will however get the same quality and love, only amplified 10 times. So you see, I’m giving you plenty of reasons to say yes. And you’re a smart one so you already see that this is a crazy ass no-brainer offer. AND… if you DON’T have access to my 50 free collection already, don’t worry… I have included it for your convenience in a seperate tab (just in case). You’re welcome!